1. Special Opening Offer: To celebrate Cottonfy's launch, we're delighted to offer a £200 discount on deposits and a £500 discount for full payments on orders exceeding £1500. Note: Discounts are not applicable to balance payments.
    • Code for Deposit: DEPOSIT 200
    • Code for Full-Paid: FULL PAID 500
  2. Deposit for Customized Products: For each bespoke sofa, a minimum deposit of 30% of the total order value is required. This deposit secures your unique order.
  3. Order Confirmation and Cancellation Policy: Once you've confirmed your order and paid the deposit, cancellation is not possible. The outstanding balance is due upon arrival of the product at our warehouse.
  4. Notification for Balance Payment: We will promptly inform you via email when your product reaches our warehouse, at which point the remaining balance should be settled within 7 days.
  5. Non-Payment Consequences: Failure to complete payment within the 7-day window, or unilateral order cancellation by the customer, will result in the order being voided. In such cases, the deposit is non-refundable.
  6. Warranty Information: Your purchase includes a 3-year warranty from the delivery date. Any quality-related returns or exchanges will be processed according to our standard policy, unaffected by pre-order terms.
  7. Expected Delivery Schedule: Estimated delivery is within 60-70 days post-order. Production in Hong Kong takes approximately 15 days, followed by a 45-day transit to our Manchester warehouse. After full payment, delivery within the UK typically occurs within a week.
  8. Legal Compliance: All our practices adhere to UK consumer law, ensuring your rights and interests are protected.