Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa
Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa

Chenille Mordern Simple Living Room Sofa

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A Minimalist Yet Elegant First Impression

Stepping into the living room, guests are immediately drawn to this white sofa. Its clean design lines convey a sense of elegance and warmth in home decor at first glance. White as the base color not only brightens and enlarges the space but also effortlessly blends with various home decor styles, showcasing the owner's unique taste and exceptional style.

Exquisite Design with A Strong Sense of Design

This sofa is crafted entirely from chenille velvet, featuring a pleated design on the seat and backrest cushions. This adds a sense of flow and depth to the smooth fabric, injecting vitality into your home. Integrated edge pressing technology ensures an incredibly comfortable, snug feeling as soon as you sit down, enveloping you in comfort.

Buckle Design Makes It Easier to Move

The sofa features a unique buckle design that allows it to be easily split into two halves, facilitating convenient indoor movement. A reinforced shark buckle at the center securely connects the sofa's two parts, ensuring stability during daily use and allowing for effortless disassembly when needed.

More Reassuring and Realistic Touch

Embracing a minimalist design ethos with clean lines, this sofa features an armrest that incorporates the golden ratio for enhanced ergonomics. Its special velvet fabrication process results in a textured surface, providing a tactile and three-dimensional feel. Certified by SGS for quality assurance, the comfortable fabric ensures a stable and restful experience, even when reclining. Wide armrests and a supportive backrest offer unparalleled comfort.

Plush & High-Rebound Comfort

Experience ultimate relaxation with our sofa’s plush, high-rebound cushions. Designed for superior softness and long-lasting comfort, these cushions quickly regain their shape, ensuring a cozy and supportive seating experience every time.

Stains are No Longer A Worry

The sofa's surface is crafted from high-density waterproof chenille velvet, known for its strong hydrophobic properties. Rigorous post-processing technology integrates waterproof and stain-resistant features into the fabric, ensuring you no longer have to worry about soiling the sofa. Enjoy soft and comfortable seating with peace of mind, as this sofa reduces your concerns about maintenance.

Advanced Waterproof & Antifouling Fabric

Our high-tech fabrics are waterproof and stain-resistant, acts like invisible protective gear for your sofa, reducing cleaning efforts and keeping it looking new for longer.

Sleek One-Piece Edge Technology

Our revolutionary one-piece edging technology ensures a perfectly flat and tight sofa edge. This design not only enhances the sofa’s overall beauty but also provides a seamless, high-quality finish you can feel.

Easy-to-Remove & Washable Sofa Cover

Our sofa features a removable cover that’s easy to clean. Simply unzip and remove the cover for effortless washing, keeping your sofa fresh and looking new. Ideal for busy households and those who love easy maintenance.

From Delivery to Assembly, We've Got You Covered!

Experience convenience from delivery to assembly! Our live customer service is here to answer your questions, ensuring a smooth and transparent process. Stay updated on your sofa's production progress for peace of mind. Enjoy free delivery and optional paid light assembly to make your experience effortless.



2-Seater: 230cm L×110cm W×79m H

3-Seater: 250cm L×110cm W×79cm H

Material: Larch

Fabric: Chenille 
Filler: High Resilience Sponge
Scratch Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes
Water Resistant: Yes
Detachable and Washable: Yes

    Package Content:



    Please feel free to contact us if you want custom size or colour.



    What Do We Do When We Receive Your Order?

    After receiving your order for the pre-sale sofa, our team immediately begins processing and closely monitors each step. We will keep you updated on the progress of your sofa. Once it arrives at our UK warehouse, we will quickly schedule a dispatch appointment with you to ensure timely delivery.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Daniel Allen
    Sleek Sophistication

    This sofa is pure comfort and style combined. It's the highlight of our living room.

    Ruby Davies
    Cozy Perfection

    So glad we chose this sofa. It's not just a piece of furniture but a statement in our home.

    Joshua White
    Effortless Elegance

    Great value for money. The sofa is durable, easy to maintain, and fits our family perfectly.

    Poppy Morgan
    Elegant Simplicity

    This sofa is a showstopper. Guests always ask where we got it because it looks so luxurious.

    Samuel Young
    Versatile Sophistication

    Absolutely love the modern look of this sofa. It's as comfortable as it is stylish.