Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa
Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa

Foldable and Compact Tatami Sofa

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Size:Component A
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Soft and Fearless of Bumps

The sofa is crafted entirely from tatami, complemented by plush, soft pillows for a serene moment of relaxation. Its low seat height sets it apart from regular sofas, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of items slipping off. Free from metal components, it provides peace of mind for families with children, offering a safe and comfortable seating option.

Unrestricted Free Combination Sofa

This sofa features an innovative modular and detachable design, making assembly and disassembly remarkably easy and convenient. Each component is carefully crafted for effortless separation and reconfiguration, catering to various space layouts and personal preferences. Whether for compact arrangements in small apartments or flexible adjustments in larger spaces, this modular sofa design offers versatility. Enjoy not only comfortable seating but also the pleasure and freedom of customizable home decor.

Combine as You Please

Open the backrest and lay it tilted on the floor mat to create a relaxing space, ideal for reading, watching shows, napping, or lounging in different positions. This versatile sofa accommodates various horizontal setups. Moreover, transform a corner of your living room into a children's bed surrounded by this soft, sand hair material that ensures a safe play environment for kids.

Paired with Carefully Designed Small Details

The cushion is generously filled with doll cotton, ensuring consistent support whether sitting, standing, or lying down, providing a stable and comfortable experience. Paired with a plush surface cushion, it offers a soft yet supportive feel. The pull point design on the surface adds a playful touch to the overall aesthetic.

Soft Exterior Brings a Comfortable Touch

The sofa is upholstered in soft and plush alpaca velvet, offering a rich texture and warm, vibrant colors. Its fluffy and soft surface, adorned with irregular geometric patterns, enhances its overall comfort and charming appeal.

Easy to Disassemble and Wash, Long-Lasting as New

Our meticulously designed sofa places a strong emphasis on easy disassembly, making daily cleaning and maintenance a breeze. When the sofa surface accumulates dust or stains, simply remove the sofa cover for washing without concerns about damaging the sofa's internal structure. This ensures the sofa remains clean and tidy at all times.

From Delivery to Assembly, We've Got You Covered!

Experience convenience from delivery to assembly! Our live customer service is here to answer your questions, ensuring a smooth and transparent process. Stay updated on your sofa's production progress for peace of mind. Enjoy free delivery and optional paid light assembly to make your experience effortless.



Component A: 90cm L×90cm W×40cm H

Component B: 120cm L×90cm W×40m H

Component C: 60cm L×90cm W×40cm H

Fabric: Lamb Cashmere
Filler: Sponge
Scratch Resistant: YES
Stain Resistant: NO
Water Resistant: NO
Detachable and Washable: YES

    Package Content:



    Please feel free to contact us if you want custom size or colour.


    What Do We Do When We Receive Your Order?

    After receiving your order for the pre-sale sofa, our team immediately begins processing and closely monitors each step. We will keep you updated on the progress of your sofa. Once it arrives at our UK warehouse, we will quickly schedule a dispatch appointment with you to ensure timely delivery.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Lucas Taylor
    Daily Retreat

    Thrilled with our new sofa. It's stylish, cozy, and makes our living room complete.

    James Anderson
    Comfortable Elegance

    Absolutely stunning sofa! It's a statement piece that everyone notices and admires.

    Benjamin Wright
    Perfect Balance

    Impressed by the quick delivery and easy setup. The sofa is exactly as described.

    Evie Jackson
    Instant Room Upgrade

    Perfect blend of elegance and comfort. This sofa is a dream come true.

    Scarlett Lewis
    Stylishly Functional

    Top-quality sofa at a reasonable price. It's sturdy and provides excellent support.