Natural Linen Down Sofa for Living Room
Natural Linen Down Sofa for Living Room
Natural Linen Down Sofa for Living Room
Natural Linen Down Sofa for Living Room
Natural Linen Down Sofa for Living Room
Natural Linen Down Sofa for Living Room

Natural Linen Down Sofa for Living Room

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Simple Warm and Comfortable

With its simple yet elegant design and classic color scheme, this sofa complements various home styles while visually creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere. The sofa boasts smooth, precise cuts, and every detail showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of the artisan.

Narrow Side Handrail Design

The sofa's 8cm narrow armrest design minimizes the horizontal footprint of the chair, creating a more spacious and airy living room ambiance. This thoughtful design also enhances mobility on the sofa, eliminating concerns about armrest restrictions and proving particularly accommodating for smaller living spaces.

Removable Design for Easier Handling

Say goodbye to cumbersome cleaning processes with our sofa covers featuring a removable design, allowing you to effortlessly detach them anytime, anywhere. Whether it's daily minor stains or occasional deep cleaning, just a few simple steps are all it takes to remove and wash the sofa covers—saving you time, effort, and worry.

Comfortable Soft Back for Relaxation

The comfortable and soft backrest ensures relaxation. The sofa's rounded design throughout provides optimal support for leaning back, enhancing comfort and conforming perfectly to the body's curves to support the lower back and promote maximum relaxation for your body.

Perfect Sitting Height & Precision Craftsmanship

The 46cm seat height allows your legs to relax naturally for optimal comfort without constant adjustments. Our precision sewing process ensures every stitch is flawless, creating a smooth, durable sofa that resists wear and maintains its elegant appearance.

Premium Comfort & Durability

Our cushion features high-quality down fill for superior fluffiness and a delicate touch. Paired with high-density sponge, it offers excellent resilience and load-bearing capacity. Even with long-term use, it maintains its original shape and height for lasting comfort.

Free Assembly of Module Groups

The sofa features a modular design, making household installation more convenient and allowing for flexible adjustment and customization between modules. This versatility makes it easy to DIY your living room layout effortlessly.

Premium European Linen Fabric

Crafted from high-end European linen, our sofa fabric boasts pure natural fibers and a pollution-free treatment for a green and eco-friendly choice. The unique texture and refined lines emerge beautifully in the light, adding elegance and sophistication to your space.

From Delivery to Assembly, We've Got You Covered!

Experience convenience from delivery to assembly! Our live customer service is here to answer your questions, ensuring a smooth and transparent process. Stay updated on your sofa's production progress for peace of mind. Enjoy free delivery and optional paid light assembly to make your experience effortless.




2-Seater : 210cm L×95cm W×92cm H

3-Seater : 240cm L×95cm W×92cm H 

Material: Linen
Scratch Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes
Water Resistant: Yes
Detachable and Washable: Yes

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    Please feel free to contact us if you want custom size or colour.


    What Do We Do When We Receive Your Order?

    After receiving your order for the pre-sale sofa, our team immediately begins processing and closely monitors each step. We will keep you updated on the progress of your sofa. Once it arrives at our UK warehouse, we will quickly schedule a dispatch appointment with you to ensure timely delivery.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Lucy King
    Elevated Luxury

    The delivery and assembly of this sofa were hassle-free. The service was excellent.

    Noah Hughes
    Comfort Redefined

    I highly recommend this sofa to anyone looking for style, comfort, and quality.

    Ethan Scott
    Sophisticated Comfort

    The design of this sofa is timeless. It fits seamlessly into any decor.

    Jacob Harris
    Contemporary Chic

    I love how easy it is to clean this sofa. It's low-maintenance and high-quality.

    Lily Phillips
    Relax in Style

    It's rare to find a sofa that's both stylish and comfortable, but this one nails it.