Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed
Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed

Foldable Matte Fabric Solid Wood 3 Mode Sofa Bed

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In stock! Single & Small 2-Seater
 Fast 3-7 days delivery

Elevate Your Space with Literary Light Retro Design

Our sofa embodies a blend of modernity and nostalgia, bringing the gentle atmosphere of the past into contemporary living. With its literary light retro design, it adds a touch of sophistication and artistry to your home, transforming it into an artistic haven reminiscent of a museum. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the past while embracing the comforts of modern living with our stylish sofa.

Versatile Comfort at Your Fingertips

Experience ultimate flexibility with our sofa's sitting, lying, and sleeping modes, which can be easily switched to meet your varying needs. Whether you're relaxing, lounging, or hosting guests, our sofa adapts effortlessly to provide the perfect setting for any occasion. 

Luxuriate in Comfort with a Spacious 62cm Seating Depth

Our sofa offers an expansive 62cm seating depth, allowing you to sit cross-legged or lounge around with ease. Embrace relaxation as you sink into the plush cushions, enjoying unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. Upgrade your lounging experience with our spacious and inviting sofa, where comfort knows no bounds.

Introducing Recliner Mode

Our sofa features a unique Recliner Mode, offering a tilted reclining angle that effectively distributes force to support your body. Whether you're catching up on dramas, watching movies, or playing games, this mode ensures optimal comfort for extended periods of relaxation.


Transform with Ease into a Spacious Bed for Guests!

Simply open the front and rear hidden legs of our sofa, and voilà – it effortlessly converts into a spacious bed, perfect for accommodating friends and family overnight. 

Space-Saving Marvel

Our sofa is designed to maximize space efficiency, requiring only 85cm from the wall and occupying less than 1.3m² of floor space. Perfect for small households, it features a space-saving structural design that optimizes every inch of your living area.

Customizable Comfort with 5-Position Adjustable Backrest

Our sofa offers a versatile 5-position adjustable backrest, allowing you to customize your seating experience from 90° to 180°. With each adjustment, you'll always find optimal support and comfort, making every moment spent on our sofa a truly relaxing experience.

 360° Flexible Rotating Solid Oak Round Side Table

Our solid oak round side table offers 360° flexible rotation, allowing you to customize its installation to the left or right according to your preference. With a diameter of 35CM, it serves as a convenient small side table, perfect for holding books, snacks, and other essentials within easy reach. 

Safety and Peace of Mind with Wooden Handrails

Our sofa is equipped with 8cm wide wooden handrails on each side, providing a secure guardrail when the sofa is converted into a bed. These handrails act as a protective barrier, preventing accidental falls and ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Rest easy knowing that our sofa prioritizes safety, allowing you to relax and unwind with confidence.

Concealed Steel Feet Design

Our sofa boasts concealed steel feet that seamlessly tuck away with zip closures, maintaining a clean and stylish appearance. 

Experience Superior Quality with High-Standard Oak

Our sofa is crafted from strictly selected high-standard oak, ensuring both environmental friendliness and safety. With a focus on quality, our oak materials are chosen to be free from harmful odors, providing peace of mind for both mothers and babies. Rest assured, our sofa achieves double full marks in environmental protection and stability, allowing you to relax with confidence in its quality and safety.

Experience Durability and Comfort with Soft Matte Cloth

Our sofa is upholstered in soft matte cloth, featuring short fine fluff that undergoes a rigorous 25,000 times durability test. This ensures that our fabric is not only soft to the touch but also highly wear-resistant and durable, standing up to everyday use with ease. 

What's your Home Signature Colour?

This sofa is available for free colour customization as shown. Please contact us via email before placing a customization order.

From Delivery to Assembly, We've Got You Covered!

Experience the pinnacle of convenience with our transport service. Our transparent process ensures peace of mind with emailed photos at every step. Enjoy white glove delivery right to your doorstep, accompanied by light assembly service for added ease. Plus, let us assist in recycling your old sofa, completing the journey sustainably.

Cottonfy UK Sofa Bed Sale



Single: 103*85*80 CM (Bed:75*210*20 CM)
Small 2-Seater: 148*85*80 CM (Bed:120*210*20 CM)
Large 2-Seater: 178*85*80 CM (Bed:150*210*20 CM)
3- Seater: 202*85*80 CM (Bed:180*210*20 CM)
Seat: 40cm H×85cm W
Back Height - Seat to Top of Back: 40cm H
Material: Wood
Fabric: Matte
Filler: Foam
Scratch Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes
Water Resistant:Yes
Detachable and Washable: No

Package Content:

1 x Sofa Bed 

What Do We Do When We Receive Your Order?

After receiving your order for the pre-sale sofa, our team immediately begins processing and closely monitors each step. We will keep you updated on the progress of your sofa. Once it arrives at our UK warehouse, we will quickly schedule a dispatch appointment with you to ensure timely delivery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice colour

Very nice colour, I was hooked when I first saw it, the wait was worth it!

Love this sofa bed

Sofa bed fine workmanship, style is very simple, the material is environmentally friendly, strong and solid, sitting on the feeling of soft and hard moderate rebound good! The style is also my favourite.

Luke Darcy

The frame is relatively strong and solid, the cushions are also well done, sitting is very comfortable!

Unique design

Sofa bed design is so unique, soft and hard moderate sitting and lying comfort, easy to stretch, the right size, no odour, very satisfied!

Kieran Bignall
Nice quality

The quality of the sofa bed is very good, the workmanship is very meticulous, and the style is very innovative. During the day as a sofa, pull open at night as a bed to sleep, does not occupy space.